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Maritime Claims Management


Our Claims Management and Medical Auditing services are utilized through Maritime Claims Management a MSAS company.  MCM Specializes in Maritime and Jones Act Claims!

Safety Consulting (Loss Control)


Our Loss Control Services work directly with the insured to make improvements and lower the risk. Whether it's working to improve a loss record or as an overall approach our Loss Control Services are here for you!
Loss Control picks up where Risk Analysis stops by working with you to control the risk. Why hire a risk monitor when you can hire MSAS Loss Control and Fix It?
It's time to take control of losses! It's time for MSAS!

Safety Auditing


It is important to establish the readiness of your business to manage hazards.  At MSAS we are highly experienced in undertaking auditing, gap analysis and monitoring, that can identify opportunities to improve and streamline process, reduce risk as well as increase safety and profitability.

Whether it is a SMS Audit or a Customized Audit for your operations we are here for You!

Risk Assessments & Analysis


Our Risk Analysis and Assessment Audits are tailored to proving the necessary information our clients need. This information will assist underwriters to make informed decisions in Client Selection and Balance to the Risk Pool. This allows underwriters to be more competitive in pricing and develop a more profitable risk pool.
Our Risk Analysis are not just for underwriters but can also be used by agents, brokers and the insured to help lower risk thereby lowering rates.
We can customize our audit to fit your needs at no extra charge!

MSAS Mission Statement


 MSAS's Mission:

  • Provide world class risk analysis to insurance firms to assist in balancing the risk pool. 
  • Promote proactive policies and procedures for our client's needs. 
  • Partner with our clients to achieve profitability, zero accidents, and positive proactive workforce retention. 
  • Properly evaluate claims utilizing Maritime Claims Management focusing on thorough and prompt investigation, compassion and fiscal responsibility. 

WARNING May Cause Dancing!

WARNING - Our Risk Services May Cause Dancing! 

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